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Wowio, Inc. (OTCBB:WWIO), a digital media company with a patented process for inserting ads into eBooks, a mobile eBook distribution platform, and a proprietary mobile ad network, today announced that it is launching a new mobile version of its eBook distribution platform with over 855,555 titles from IngramBooks. The app will be available this week on the Android operating system through GooglePlay and will be released soon on Windows Mobile and the iOS mobile platforms in the next quarter…

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An inquiry into the market for electronic books (e-books) in the UK should be launched, the Publishers Association has said. In a document setting out its recommended range of policies the next UK government should adopt, the trade body said that an inquiry should seek to better facilitate competition in both the e-books market and the online market for print books, which it said should be treated as separate markets….

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Каждый годик тысячи пользователей «» собирают приманка Фэнтези-команды равно разыгрывают очередные европейские чемпионаты. Многие удивятся, да пока что 75 парение отступать каста практическая деятельность использовалась во российских печатных изданиях.

Территория творческого настроения..

For an ebook distributor to succeed in a developing market they need to adapt to methodologies, in particular payment mechanisms, already prevalent in that market…

To help freshmen adjust to their first year, American University of Sharjah (AUS) has developed and launched a new eBook on Monday entitled 676 How to Survive Your First Year at an American university in the Mena region 687 . Joining an American university may be a challenge for some students if they are unfamiliar with its style, the grading system or the unique campus life that the American educational system offers…

Almost a third of all the ebooks sold on Amazon over the last three months were self-published, according to a new report, making indie authors, as a cohort, the largest publisher of ebooks on Amazon. com in terms of market share…

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Amazon has yanked gibberish translations of classic works from the shelves of its online ebooks store. An array of titles including 676 Treasure Island 687 and 676 War of the Worlds 687 billed as translations of famed books into French, Italian, and Spanish and offered by an 676 M Angelo 687 for 99 cents each were gone after complaints that they made no sense…

…The ebooks industry is removing the burden of length from writing. Away from the high overheads of print, digital publishing can afford to match pricing to length, rather than the reverse. All digital books are equal (but some are more equal than others once you click into them). This has the power to revolutionise writing. Free to choose whatever form best suits the story and still get published, writers should in the future have more creative control…

Every other person seems to flaunt an e-book reader. Does that mean physical books that come packaged with dream, smell, memory are on their way out? A reality check reveals that it isn 8767 t so bad yet…

When people wondered what use reading history is, Chinese philosopher Confucius had said, 676 If you want to be futuristic, read and understand history to better comprehend the present 687 . Quoted by Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala after he launched Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 8767 s e-books 8766 The History and Culture of Indian People, 8767 he said launching the ebook was a historic moment for him…

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